The Art of Being Right

The Art of Being Right38 Ways to Win an Argument Author: Artur Schopenhauer “The Art of Being Right” by Arthur Schopenhauer is an interesting exploration of rhetoric and the art of winning arguments. In this work, Schopenhauer outlines 38 stratagems for convincing opponents and prevailing in debates, often irrespective of the truth. His analysis is rooted in the belief that people are more interested in winning arguments than seeking truth....

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The Culture Map

The Culture MapBreaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business Author: Erin Meyer “The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business” by Erin Meyer is a highly insightful guide that explores how cultural differences impact international business interactions. Meyer presents a framework for understanding and navigating cultural complexities by examining various dimensions of communication, leadership, and etiquette across different countries. Let me explain first high and low context communication, as it’s required to understand the idea....

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The 48 Laws of Power

The 48 Laws of PowerAuthor: Robert Greene Still reading…

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How to Win Friends & Influence People

How to Win Friends & Influence PeopleAuthor: Carnegie Dale The book is written in a typical American style - “do this and that, and your life will change forever…” 😄 Applying the book’s rules too bluntly may come off as manipulative, and our conversation partner will sense it. However, it’s worth considering certain mistakes that make it difficult for us to interact with people, such as when we talk too much and don’t let others get a word in....

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Collaborating with the Enemy

Collaborating with the EnemyHow to Work with People You Don’t Agree with or Like or Trust Author: Adam Kahane In this book the author, Adam Kahane, presents several key concepts to help individuals navigate collaboration with people they may not agree with, like, or trust. Here are some of the main concepts from the book: Embracing Discomfort: Kahane emphasizes the importance of stepping outside one’s comfort zone when working with people with differing perspectives....

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Błądzą wszyscy (ale nie ja)

Błądzą wszyscy (ale nie ja)Dlaczego usprawiedliwiamy głupie poglądy, złe decyzje i szkodliwe działania? Authors: Elliot Aronson, Carol Tavris

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