RewiredThe McKinsey Guide to Outcompeting in the Age of Digital and AI Authors: Eric Lamarre, Kate Smaje, Rodney Zemmel I’ve heard a lot of strange things about McKinsey, starting with this parody commercial: Then few more facts, but still provided in an amusing way by the John Oliver: It’s not just jokes than worry me, but also some news I’ve read: they had no issues to consult both companies and their regulators at the same time1, they work with tobbaco companies and health industry suggesting ways to profit companies, that might be bad for their clients2, they’re behind OxyContin (opioid) sales turbocharge, which resulted in hundreds of people dead of overdose3, having relationships with authoritarian regimes and more....

2024-04-23 · 2 min · timor

Psychologia pieniędzy

Psychologia pieniędzyPonadczasowe lekcje o bogactwie, chciwości i szczęściu Author: Morgan Housel

2023-04-02 · 1 min · timor

Czy jesteś tym, który puka?

Czy jesteś tym, który puka?Author: Dariusz Użycki

2022-08-13 · 1 min · timor

Inteligentny inwestor

Inteligentny inwestorNajlepsza książka o inwestowaniu wartościowym Author: Benjamin Graham

2021-05-12 · 1 min · timor

Bogaty albo biedny

Bogaty albo biednyPo prostu różni mentalnie Author: T. Harv Eker

2021-04-13 · 1 min · timor