The Culture Map

The Culture MapBreaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business Author: Erin Meyer “The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business” by Erin Meyer is a highly insightful guide that explores how cultural differences impact international business interactions. Meyer presents a framework for understanding and navigating cultural complexities by examining various dimensions of communication, leadership, and etiquette across different countries. Let me explain first high and low context communication, as it’s required to understand the idea....

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RewiredThe McKinsey Guide to Outcompeting in the Age of Digital and AI Authors: Eric Lamarre, Kate Smaje, Rodney Zemmel I’ve heard a lot of strange things about McKinsey, starting with this parody commercial: Then few more facts, but still provided in an amusing way by the John Oliver: It’s not just jokes than worry me, but also some news I’ve read: they had no issues to consult both companies and their regulators at the same time1, they work with tobbaco companies and health industry suggesting ways to profit companies, that might be bad for their clients2, they’re behind OxyContin (opioid) sales turbocharge, which resulted in hundreds of people dead of overdose3, having relationships with authoritarian regimes and more....

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Extreme Ownership

Extreme OwnershipHow U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win Authors: Jocko Willink, Leif Babin The book is a compelling and practical leadership guide co-authored by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, both former Navy SEAL officers. The book revolves around the central theme of taking absolute responsibility for every aspect of one’s life and leadership role. Through gripping combat stories from their SEAL experiences, the authors illustrate key principles such as accountability, decisiveness, and humility....

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Working Backwards

Working BackwardsInsights, Stories, and Secrets from Inside Amazon Author: Bryar Colin Still reading…

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Jak zdobyć przyjaciół i zjednać sobie ludzi

Jak zdobyć przyjaciół i zjednać sobie ludziAuthor: Carnegie Dale Książka pisana w typowo amerykańskim stylu - “rób tak, a tak, a twoje życie odmieni się na zawsze…” 😄 Zbyt dosadne stosowanie reguł z książki może trącić manipulacją i nasz rozmówca wyczuje to. Można natomiast zastanowić się nad pewnymi błędami, które popełniając utrudniają nam kontakty z ludźmi, np. gdy to my mówimy zbyt dużo i nie dajemy innym przebić się do głosu....

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Lider w trampkach

Lider w trampkachCzyli jak być przywódcą w zgodzie ze sobą Author: Małgorzata Jakubicz

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Collaborating with the Enemy

Collaborating with the EnemyHow to Work with People You Don’t Agree with or Like or Trust Author: Adam Kahane In this book the author, Adam Kahane, presents several key concepts to help individuals navigate collaboration with people they may not agree with, like, or trust. Here are some of the main concepts from the book: Embracing Discomfort: Kahane emphasizes the importance of stepping outside one’s comfort zone when working with people with differing perspectives....

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Legendarna obsługa klienta

Legendarna obsługa klientaTroska jest najważniejsza Authors: Blanchard Ken, Halsey Vicki, Cuff Kathy

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The Effective Manager: Second Edition

The Effective Manager: Second EditionCompletely Revised and Updated Authors: Mark Horstman, Kate Braun, Sarah Sentes The Effective Manager by Mark Horstman is a practical guide to great management at every level. Based on the author’s experience and the world’s number-one business podcast, Manager Tools, the book teaches four critical behaviors and four major tools that every manager should use. Here are some of the main concepts presented in the book:...

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The Effective Manager

The Effective ManagerAuthor: Mark Horstman I’ve borrowed this one and I liked it so I bought Second Edition . Look for summary there.

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