Ansible on Vagrant - skipping: no hosts matched

I have some Ansible roles to configure my vps, Raspberry Pi, etc. I like to test them before I broke something on my real, not clustered machines - I use Vagrant for that. But with it I had one problem - in playbooks I define hosts as groups of severs ex. web for my vps: Example Ansible playbook - hosts: web gather_facts: True sudo: True ... But testing machine wasn’t in this group and when I run vagrant I could only see:...

2015-12-29 · 1 min · timor

Ansible - ssh pipelining

In recent Ansible update to 1.5 version there is really nice feature ssh pipelining. This option is serious alternative to accelerated mode. Just add to you config file (ex. ~/.ansible.cfg): [ssh_connection] pipelining=True Now run any playbook - you will see the difference 😄 Source (and extended info about):  external link

2014-03-04 · 1 min · timor

Ansible - Dynamicaly update /etc/hosts files on target servers

I was configuring GlusterFS on few servers using Ansible  external link and have a need to update /etc/hosts with hostnames for easier configuration. I found this one working: - name: Update /etc/hosts lineinfile: dest=/etc/hosts regexp='.*{{item}}$' line='{{hostvars.{{item}}.ansible_default_ipv4.address}} {{item}}' state=present with_items: '{{groups.somegroup}}' Source:  external link

2013-12-11 · 1 min · timor