Nostalgy for old RPG games

I’ve been cleaning up old backups and found few screenshots from Ice Wind Dale, Baldur’s Gate 2 and Throne of Bhaal expansion. I’ve spend many good hours playing those games. I’ve read a dozen books from the Forgotten Realms realm . I remember being in a library (in the game) and spending there quite a lot of time, just to read few books. Playing those games was like a deep dive into the fantasy world, side by side to the characters from the books, or sometime against them....

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SEO kicks my stats

Towards the end of the year, I received a notification reminding me to renew the domain for my blog. The domain in question was This was the first invoice I had received from GoDaddy since they acquired Uniregistry, and to my dismay, it was significantly more expensive than what I had been accustomed to paying. With the year drawing to a close, I was reluctant to invest too much time or money into the renewal process....

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How I stopped worrying and loved Makefiles

First contact with make When I was invited for my first job interview in the IT, I’ve been asked such question: How would you typically build a program from sources, what commands will you use? I answered: It’s obvious: ./configure make make install Those times belong to the past now and nowadays not many programmers use GNU Make1. Try asking this question and you will see disgust at best. For many it’s the fist contact with make and often the last one, but not for me 😉...

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New Year's reflections and Leadership path

Almost 2 years ago I was promoted to a Team Lead position. Since then at least half of my time is dedidcated to “the people’s stuff” 😄 On one side, I have less time to code and write about technical stuff, which sometimes makes me feel guilty (just a little bit). On the other side, I’m discovering a whole new world of possibilities to solve technical problems without touching the code (almost)....

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Changing comments provider for my blog

I’ve been thinking about switching comments system to something different on my blog. Since I moved to Hugo  external link , I used Disqus  external link . Integration was easy and it was also easy to move comments from Wordpress. Maybe the move was easy, but people somehow didn’t like the interface. I receive 6 comments since I switched from Wordpress 3 years ago 😄 To be honest, I don’t like it too....

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Ford S-MAX - kasowanie ostrzeżenia wymiany oleju

Auta się zmieniają a problemy z nimi pozostają te same :) Kasowanie ostrzeżenia wymiany oleju 1 Przekręcić kluczyk w stacyjce do drugiej pozycji, gdy zapalają się wszystkie kontrolki (nie uruchamiamy silnika). Wciskamy równocześnie pedały hamulca i gazu do oporu, trzymamy do zakończenia procesu. Pojawi komunikat o rozpoczęciu resetowania inspekcji. Możemy zatwierdzić OK. Czekamy aż pojawi się komunikat: Zatwierdzamy OK. Dopiero teraz zwalniamy pedały.  external link  ↩︎

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Devoxx 2022

Back on the big stage!

I’m back on the big stage! I haven’t attend any big conferences as presenter for some time, but this year will change it. I’m starting big, with a talk: Docker base images - Ideas how to manage them on scale  external link on Devoxx  external link conference in Kraków, that will take place on 22-24th June 2022. Want to meet? Meet there 😄 Update I uploaded slides from presentation to my Github account  external link ....

2022-06-13 · 1 min · timor
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On slow decline of streaming services

I was so happy when Netflix became available in my country. I was waiting for any serious streaming provider, that will give me easy and legal access to the movies I love. Ok, looks like not to all of them were there, but future was looking bright. As time was passing, offer was extending. They eventually added even some Polish movies, which my wife appreciated. Seems like my country is not in the same league like USA, Germany or UK....

2022-01-10 · 5 min · timor
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Bye Bye Wordpress!

I started my blog on custom (written by my) engine, but as I didn’t had enough time to enhance it I switched to Wordpress. I’ve been using Wordpress as an engine of my blog for past 8~9 years. I have small VPS with PHP + Nginx and you can find a lot of configuration examples from my config on this site 😄 There was a time, when I was really satisfied by what it provides....

2020-10-24 · 2 min · timor

Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 for Desktop on Linux

I just bought new wifi card for my desktop computer. Like in topic, it’s Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 for Desktop  external link . I was searching for card that: support AC standard have 5GHz network support (2,4GHz channels are cluttered heavily in my neighborhood have PCI/PCIx or USB3 connector is Linux friendly (no modules compilation by hand, support for aircrack-ng, kismet) This one is the only I found that comply my expectations....

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