Cover of book Błękitna kropka by Carl Sagan
Błękitna kropka

Człowiek i jego przyszłość w kosmosie

Author: Carl Sagan

I love science and I’m passionate about cosmos since I was 5. One of my favourite books from the childhood was the one about Universe - with color pictures. This one is a sweet reminder of those ancient times and have even better pictures!

There is an interesting reference to the deities and their relation to the planets. Their impact on humanities history, then a swift dive into the place of the God in “our” universe. Statistical considerations of human being “the choosen one” by God. I didn’t expect it in a book like that, but it resonated the strings inside me. I really enjoyed this part.

There’s also a lot informations about the Voyager missions, pictures, results, conclusion.

It’s a must read for any Cosmos/Uniwerse knowledge fan.