Cover of book Praca głęboka by Cal Newport
Praca głęboka

Jak odnieść sukces w świecie, w którym ciągle coś nas rozprasza

Author: Cal Newport

Deep Work is a book written by Cal Newport that explores the concept of deep work and how it can be leveraged to achieve professional success and lead a more fulfilling life. Newport argues that in an increasingly connected and fast-paced world, the ability to focus and produce high-quality work is becoming increasingly valuable and rare. He provides practical strategies and tools for developing the discipline of deep work, including minimizing distractions, optimizing your work environment, and training your mind to focus.

The book is well-written and presents a compelling case for the importance of deep work in today’s economy. Newport draws on a variety of research, case studies, and personal experiences to illustrate his points, and provides a wealth of practical tips and advice for developing deep work habits.

Overall, I would highly recommend Deep Work to anyone looking to improve their focus, productivity, and overall performance in their professional and personal life. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a knowledge worker, or simply someone looking to lead a more fulfilling life, this book provides a wealth of practical and actionable advice that can help you get there.