My name is Tomasz Gągor.

I’m a passionate day-to-day DevOps practitioner. I enjoy working with anything Linux-driven, especially containerized web services. I’m a security enthusiast who loves managing and scaling cloud systems.

I’m a generalist who has delved into many diverse topics throughout my career. I’ve discussed the advantages of one DB engine over another and how to tune them for better performance with DBAs. With network specialists, I’ve even debugged IKE protocol using raw packets. Somehow (I’m not exactly sure how), I’ve gained a reputation as a Java performance tuning specialist!

While I’m not a regular developer, I’ve written applications in Python, Ruby, Groovy, and Perl. I particularly enjoy using Makefiles for simple day-to-day automation. I’m addicted to the shell, which is one of the main reasons I consider myself incompatible with Windows. I automate extensively and have a voodoo-magic-script for almost any task.

As I step into leadership roles, I’ve begun to focus more on the human aspects of IT organizations. Many problems can be solved without simply adding more technology. Building clean processes can often reduce the number of annoyances or support requests much more effectively than purchasing another million-dollar product.

I often act as a catalyst, encouraging those who may be hesitant or lack confidence to embrace change and reap its benefits. While we can’t control everything, let’s focus on what we can impact.

All pages on my site are licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.