Almost 2 years ago I was promoted to a Team Lead position. Since then at least half of my time is dedidcated to “the people’s stuff” 😄

On one side, I have less time to code and write about technical stuff, which sometimes makes me feel guilty (just a little bit). On the other side, I’m discovering a whole new world of possibilities to solve technical problems without touching the code (almost).

Although coding and leadership are completely different topics and I feel like I’m not good enough to teach about leadersihp, I didn’t create this blog to teach.

In it’s beginning, my idea was to write about topics, techniques or tools, that made my life easier. Stuff that I don’t want to forget. If by any chance it could be useful to anyone - that’s just additional benefit. If I make mistakes publicly, I hope someone will let me know in comments. Those assumptions still apply today, to both tech and leadership stuff.

Then, it’s decided. I will start writing about leadership, hiring or soft skills, which are just a managers tools.