I’m a fan of Getting Things Done1 methodology and I recommend to read the book of the same title to anyone. I know, it looks like a typical, american corpo bull****, but it’s not! Wheter you’re a busy manager or a father of three - it might help you to manage things you have to do, on time and with less stress.

I’ve been trying multiple apps to support this methodology, but eventually I stick to Google Tasks app 2. It’s simple, not to say primitive, but it integrates nicely with Gmail and Calendar and just works. At least on mobile, experience is ok. On desktop it runs as a small extension to Gmail and this sucks.

I found a way to run it in a separate tab, which makes it much easier to review and reorganise tasks.

  1. Just add a bookmark in your browser (Ctry+D or Cmd+D) and call it Tasks
  2. Edit it and set URL address to:

That’s it. You have now a dedicated button, that will open the Tasks in a separate browser’s tab.