I’ve been thinking about switching comments system to something different on my blog. Since I moved to Hugoexternal link , I used Disqusexternal link . Integration was easy and it was also easy to move comments from Wordpress. Maybe the move was easy, but people somehow didn’t like the interface. I receive 6 comments since I switched from Wordpress 3 years ago 😄 To be honest, I don’t like it too.

I was thinking about switch to something else, something different, but I was waiting for this punch. Until recently Disqus went too far and started showing adds on my page!

I like in Hugo the fact that my blog have no infrastructure to handle. Despite the domain and two repos, I don’t need to keep any servers running. I want to keep it like that. There are two solutions fulfilling this demand and appeal to me:

  • Utterancesexternal link 1

    Relies on Github Issues as a storage for comments data and Github auth for login. It’s both crazy and awesome idea at the same time. Auth via Github is fine on my technology related blog. The only thing is, that it’s quite odd to use Issues for comments and discussions…

  • Giscusexternal link

    And that’s where the second app steps in. It uses recent Discussions API to store comments. I’d feel it’s a better place, but utterances is better tested.

I planned to start with Giscus first, but I accidentally configured the other one 🤣 Utterances looks and feels good and now I’m not sure if I will try Giscus.