Finally, they’re available! Wait a moment.. Actually they’re available for few months, just nobody published information about moving them to quay.ioexternal link and dropped poor guys using hub.docker.comexternal link without any updates! Yes, that how they did!

I found new place accidentally, reading some news about CentOS Stream 9 on their blogexternal link . There was reference to CentOS 9 Stream dev builds of Docker images and I found “missing” stream and stream8 tags too. It’s not adding more confidence on my side to the CentOS project, when they’re not even communicating such changes publicly, sick!

Some might remember, I was so desperate because of no official Docker images of CentOS 8 Stream available in Docker Hub, I build them on my own .

What I don’t like, is that they completely stopped upgrading base images for centos8 and centos7. There’s still a lot of stuff using them, but they’re not updated for months:

Source: link

What next?

I switched my image to use as base new location*. I’ll probably stay with my builds as I upgrade them on weekly basis. And because I squash them to single layer, they’re close to size of original images. Official images with all updates can easily get above 300MB.

REPOSITORY              TAG                   CREATED        SIZE
centos                  7                     8 months ago   204MB   7                     8 months ago   204MB
tgagor/centos           7                     2 hours ago    214MB   8                     7 months ago   209MB
centos                  8                     7 months ago   209MB
tgagor/centos           8                     2 hours ago    262MB   stream8               2 days ago     404MB
tgagor/centos           stream8               2 hours ago    230MB

tgagor/centos           stream9               2 hours ago    164MB   stream9-development   4 days ago     166MB

Where can you get it?

You can fetch docker image here:

Update on EOL - CentOS 8 Stream is deadexternal link .

Citing from this official blog:

I will keep my up to date images as long as updates will be available, but it’s better to not waste and upgrade to CentOS 9 Stream.

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