I started my blog on custom (written by my) engine, but as I didn’t had enough time to enhance it I switched to Wordpress. I’ve been using Wordpress as an engine of my blog for past 8~9 years. I have small VPS with PHP + Nginx and you can find a lot of configuration examples from my config on this site 😄

There was a time, when I was really satisfied by what it provides. Not only because of features, but also beacause I was able to play with insane configuration options (check out my caching reverse proxy config ). For me it was opportuninty to excel with my skills.

But things change. I don’t have that much time to carry this server configuration, keep it properly updated and play with new features. Actually I don’t need that anymore as I’ve been there, I saw it already…

I’ve been thinking about switching to static page generator and putting my blog in eg. github pages for really long time. I even almost completely migrated it to pelicanexternal link (after playing for a while with Octopressexternal link too). Eventually I’ve found Hugoexternal link and I loved it!

And here we are, I switched blog to Hugo. I will try to share why I choose this configuration soon and how I handle it.

Keep warm, be positive, stay negative!