I wanted/needed some statistics on few my machines. I saw earlier grafana and was impressed so this was starting point. Then I started reading about graphite, carbon and whisper, and then… I found InfluxDB. Project is young but looks promising.

Let’s start! On project page there is no info about repo but it’s available, configure it:

curl -sL https://repos.influxdata.com/influxdb.key | apt-key add -
echo "deb https://repos.influxdata.com/debian wheezy stable" > /etc/apt.sources.list.d/influxdb.conf

for Ubuntu use url like (of course selecting your version):

echo "deb https://repos.influxdata.com/ubuntu wily stable" > /etc/apt.sources.list.d/influxdb.conf

Now install package (on wheezy I needed to install apt-transport-https to allow installation of packages from repo via HTTPS):

apt-get install -y apt-transport-https
apt-get install -y influxdb

Now edit /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf and uncoment/fill [collectd] section like this:

  enabled = true
  bind-address = ":8096"
  database = "collectd_db"
  typesdb = "/usr/share/collectd/types.db"

You may adjust port to whatever suits you best. database sets InfluxDB database used to store collectd data, and typesdb is file from collectd package defining collectd metrics structure (this is location for Debian) - so you have collectd service installed earlier .

Now you may check if InfluxDB is working fine by connecting to web admin panel, by standard on port 8083.


https://github.com/influxdata/influxdb/issues/585"external link
https://anomaly.io/collectd-metrics-to-influxdb/external link