After reading some SEO stuff I wanted to add some meta tags to my WordPress blog. I found this site: link .

So WordPress thinks that it’s not necessary to have this meta tags any more… But I want it! 😃 Next funny thing is how they suggest to add meta tags: copy header.php - what about theme updates?

I prefer to use functions.php file - just create it in your courrent theme directory with such content:

// this will remove WordPress version from header
remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator');

// handler function for adding custom tags
function custom_header_meta() {
<meta name="author" content="Tomasz Gągor" />
<meta name="contact" content="" />
<meta name="description" content="<?php wp_title( '|', true, 'right' ); ?>" />
<meta name="keywords" content="some keywords" />
<meta name="verify-v1" content="google webmaster identification" />
<meta name="msvalidate.01" content="bing webmaster identification" />
<meta property="fb:admins" content="facebook identificatio" />
<meta name="copyright" content="Copyright (c)1997-2014 Tomasz Gągor. All Rights Reserved." />

// running handler function
add_action('wp_head', 'custom_header_meta');