I’ve started testing new Ghost blogging platform for a while on a virtual machine before I take decision about switching to it (or maybe won’t)… After few days, I wanted to go forward with more testing and stuck on “e-mail and password” login prompt 😃

I’ve started looking into files and found ghost_dir/content/data/ghost-dev.db SQLite database. It can be opened like that:

sqlite3 content/data/ghost-dev.db

Then you could see whats your mail (and other info):

sqlite> select * from users

Now password - after searching a little I found: ghost_dir/core/server/models/user.js file. There is a tip in it:

// Hash the provided password with bcrypt
return nodefn.call(bcrypt.hash, _user.password, null, null);

So I used this site: http://bcrypthashgenerator.apphb.com/external link to generate bcrypt hash and updated it in DB:

sqlite> update users set password="$2a$10$f29LDrB8S1JMfdF40Vmf1.h2OyhtlcefaMrFQVpHeX9XQ7Xiq17KC" where id = 1;
sqlite> .quit

Additionally as suggested by henshao: if the account has been locked, you can set status to active to unlock the account, like that:

sqlite> update users set status = "active";

Now try to log with updated credentials.

P.S. I don’t trust online hash generators, so I strongly suggest to change password after successful login.

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