I’ve bought a NAS and customized it a little. But there was one thing which make my nights sleepless. NAS was seeking disks every 5~10 seconds - these was really irritating - especially when it was silent in room. I found that part of firmware was indexing or logging something so I wanted it dead! kill -9 was unsuccessful - process restarted after a while…. wrrr…

I googled a little and found another signal I could use SIGSTOP, which will freeze process until I send SIGCONT to it - that was exactly what I need (because I normally use NFS/Samba and don’t need nothing more running on this device).

kill -SIGSTOP `pgrep svcd`

Because with this process paused Web GUI is not working, I need from time to time run it again:

kill -SIGCONT `pgrep svcd`

http://major.io/2009/06/15/two-great-signals-sigstop-and-sigcont/external link